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Alan Black Helps Writers Find Their Own Feet With Figures of Speech

Multi-genre author, Alan Black, spoke at Dog-Eared Pages Used Bookstore last week. His subject was “figures of speech.”

Whenever this came up during my school days I tuned out; boring. That is until the teacher had to say “onomatopoeia” a few times.

I always learn interesting things from Alan, but this time I had fun too. I had no idea focusing on figures of speech could bring so much interest to writing.

There are 240 figures of speech in the English language with numerous variations on many of those. Alan Black

Some of the ones you may be familiar with are personification, simile, metaphor, implication, allegory, hyperbole, and oxymoron. Alan mentioned many more and gave fun examples to go with them.

I went on the internet to check some of my spellings and was overwhelmed by the number of Web sites that focus on figures of speech. I’m going to make an effort to study more of these.

Thanks, Alan, for making writing a bit more fun and interesting.




Author: Steven P. Wyner

Steven P. Wyner spoke at Dog-Eared Pages Used Books a couple of weeks ago. He writes fiction set in the Phoenix area, where he has lived since 1981. One of his pet peeves is inconsistencies in books and movies and he set out to write well-researched stories that Google searchers won’t be able poke holes in.

author Steve W 002

As a paralegal and ghost writer Steve draws on a number of cases he has viewed over the years. He uses various characters and composites of people he has known to develop the characters in his series of books.

Murder on Camelback Mountain was a fun read about a private detective caught up in a local murder as a suspect. Herb Nash introduces himself and the city to the reader in a fast-moving story.


When Steve sat down to write the characters started “jumping out of the keyboard.” He then moved on to interview them just like he would the clients he interviews for the lawyers he works for.

He suggests that writers visit the place and “inhale” it.

Murder on Camelback can be found on Amazon or through his Web site.  The second novel in the series will be available soon. He has already started writing the third.