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Marcia Fine and One Book Arizona


Another great meeting at Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek, Arizona featured Marcia Fine.

Marcia grew up with her grandmother and mother in South Florida. She knew from an early age that her family had a unique story. Her grandparents were from Warsaw. Although they left before the Nazi invasion many family members didn’t make it out. As an adult she received a stack of letters written in Polish, Yiddish and High German from her grandmother.

Marcia Fine 5

She pulled the story together into a novel based on her family history. Paper Children: An Immigrant’s Legacy is an amazing story of three women coming into their own. It has won numerous awards and led Marcia, a past English teacher, business owner, and motivational speaker to share her talents with others.

At DFL Marcia had the audience write about their own memories. She helped, through various questions, to find the stories that need to be written and get started on that important journey. Try writing about the following question from her list: Were there any family feuds?

You can learn more and see the cover photo of her grandmother by going to Paper Children on Facebook and pressing “like.”

Marcia shared actual letters with the audience. The Nazi emblem has been stamped on the envelopes.

Marcia is currently touring Arizona as the winner of One Book Arizona a literary program for promoting local authors. The Blind Eye is about parallel stories set in 15th century Portugal  and Spain when a family is forced to flee because of their religious beliefs. The story links to a modern woman with a new career and an unexpected romantic relationship.

Marcia Fine 3

Marcia’s writing career started with a series of satyre books about her life and some of the people she has known since moving to Scottsdale, Arizona.  She had the room laughing along with her as she read from many of her books.

Marcia Fine 2



















One Book is a nationwide literacy program which started in Arizona in 2002. Each year adult, children’s, and now teen books are chosen for everyone to read and attend community events.

For more information on the promotion of literacy in Arizona visit One Book Arizona. Those from other states can learn about their own state activities at One Book.



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  1. What a great experience! Wish I could have gone. 🙂

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