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Author: Elizabeth Parker


I am constantly amazed at all the authors who live in the Valley of the Sun. I keep meeting and learning about new ones. New to me, anyway.

Elizabeth Parker is the author of Gilded Splendor, a historical romance, and has been published in British Heritage, Wild West, Mountain Living, Historic Traveler and others.

She is from Nebraska and I’m from Kansas. I’ve also been published in Wild West and had another article accepted just this week. She has been married for over 30 years and has one daughter, just like yours truly. She loves the movie Tombstone and well, I think perhaps we were separated at birth.

Elizabeth is now an editor/evaluator for Author Solutions, an online subsidiary of Penguin Random House.

During the Friday Night Writes meeting at Dog-Eared Pages Bookstore Elizabeth spoke on “The Art of Emotion: Getting Your Readers to Feel.” It is all based on the theory that readers should always feel what the character is feeling. She told us a number of ways to accomplish this including using the characters voice instead of telling the reader.

She often referred to Hemingway including examples from Death In The Afternoon which she described as partly a book on writing.

I hope I get another chance to hear Elizabeth speak. In the meantime I will be spending some time reading her blog.

  author 008Enjoying the great Arizona weather.


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  1. elizparker says:

    Hey, it was great meeting you! Let’s do lunch sometime. 🙂

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