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Author Barbara Hinske Does It All


Barbara Hinske was the featured speaker for The Writers’ Connection at Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek, Arizona. She lives in Phoenix and is an attorney. She has written two books. They are fun and entertaining with strong characters. What she does to promote her writing is amazing.

Barbara’s first book, Coming to Rosemont, is about a forensic accountant, Maggie Martin, who inherits Rosemont, a beautiful home in the Midwest. She moves there and finds corruption, a furry friend, new love and a town that quickly becomes home. Book two, Weaving the Strands, takes Maggie deeper into the city council corruption and the joys and problems of living in a small town.

desert rose 027

Both books have been self-published and Coming to Rosemont has sold over 40,000 copies, mostly in eBook format. Her marketing strategy includes a strong internet presence, word-of-mouth and public speaking. She was named the top debut author at her first appearance at the Tucson Festival of Books. Rosemont was also named the best in women’s fiction by BookBub.

On her blog, and linked on Facebook, Barbara writes her ‘bedtime stories.” The first one was “The Night Train,” written in 100-300 word sections, four nights a week. Her first installment had 6,000 hits. She is now writing “The Enchanted Bookshop.” Both can be found through her Web site, blog and Facebook. Besides a regular FB page it is important to have an author page which is separate but linked.

It is vital that self-published authors have their manuscripts proofed. She hired people both for the line edits and proofreading. The same goes for formatting and cover design.

She says to “just ask people” as professionals are often willing to help and sometimes the rules can be set aside.

Long before the book is finished the author must start building her email list and learning about all the possibilities for promotion and sales. Barbara reads and studies writing and publishing every day. She keeps up with trends and new avenues for promotion. Book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are important. Special promotions through Amazon, BookBub, and other online sources can make a big difference but be sure to read all the fine print.

Besides her “bedtime stories” Barbara has a “Downton Abbey”fan page on Facebook. She has recently been asked to write the reviews which may lead to a permanent paying job.

Barbara shares her vision of the perfect home in the guise of Rosemont on her pinterest account.

With all of that marketing and social media Barbara continues to write. She gets up every morning and spends two hours “duct taped” to her office chair. Evenings are for social media.

Barbara Hinske is knowledgeable and inspiring. Remember she does all of this on top of a full-time job, caring for her home, husband and two spoiled dogs.







  1. bhinske says:

    Thank you, Rita! You are most gracious!!

  2. Great advice for marketing! I took some notes. 🙂

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