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My Writing Joy


Once a week I meet with a special group of writers known as the Writers Inspiration Group. Each person takes a turn at leading for the week and comes prepared with two or three prompts to share with the group.

Prompts can be a sentence story-starter, pictures from magazines, a newspaper article, an artifact of some kind or anything.

Once all the writers have the prompt they start writing as quickly as possible. We don’t think about where the writing is going, or grammar, or spelling. We just let the story or memory unfold, writing quickly for about ten minutes. Then we share what we wrote or pass. We don’t critique or judge. We just share. Then move on to the next prompt.

This week the leader brought in some old writers magazines: Poets and Writers, Writer’s Digest and The Writer. We were to open one up and find something that caught our eye and start writing.


I found the following sentence:

“Many surprises come with writing.”

Here’s what I came up with:

Creating characters and worlds and moments in time. I often hear “I don’t know where that came from” which is one of the joys of writing. Having a basic idea grow on the page and become something more than you ever imagined, or thought you could imagine.

Characters that develop from a basic vision or someone you saw at the lunch counter to somebody with a back ground, loves and hates, fears and dreams.

Finding a way to voice your inner most thoughts by letting words flow freely – writing stream-of-conscious and having your head and heart flow down your arm and onto the page.

Seeing a story in a newspaper or on the Internet that has you asking “What if?” and finding answers in your imagination.


That is where I find my joy as a writer and why I will never stop putting pen to paper.




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