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Authorpalooza at Dog-Eared Pages


Energy was high at the Authorpalooza sponsored by the Dog-Eared Pages Bookstore in North Phoenix last Saturday.

Not only was this a great opportunity for local authors; it brought new and fun people to the bookstore. Stop by Dog-Eared Pages to find any of these books and a wealth of other treasures.

012 A friendly pirate greeted customers and directed them to author027

J. J. M Czep who’s latest book Blackstrap’s Ecstacy  is about . . . you guessed it, a pirate. Interestingly Czep also

teaches belly dancing and reads Tarot cards. I won the drawing for a free Tarot reading and can’t wait to go meet

with her next week.



 V. S. Nelson writes paranormal romance and her series Sekhmet’s Guardians was named the best new PNR series in 2013.

She also has a blog and is active in the local romance writer’s group.



Mona K. Oshana has two books. Look Beyond The Fire: Daily Struggles Under Saddam’s Regime

based on her own life experiences with a look at the heart of the people of Iraq. Her latest book Dear Man is

directed to people who want to work with others to tackle the problems in human relationships.

Her books are published by Tate Publishing. 




Eduardo C. Brierfield and his wife Les are both writers with many books and short stories to their credit.  Eduardo brings images from his world travels to each of his books.

They write science fiction, paranormal mystery, historical fiction and whatever else their imaginations may suggest.



You can tell by her smile that C. L. Gilmore is a friendly and sharing author. She writes novels and poetry.

An educator for many years she now writes full-time. Except when playing with her French bulldog “Pitty Pat.”


011     Ann Narcisian Videan  wears many hats. She is a

writer/editor, self-publishing consultant and helps with word-of-mouth marketing strategies. Her book Song of the Ocarina

combines music, New Zealand, mythical animals, romance and burned-out-rock-star spell casters. Her blog contains a wealth of information and inspiration.



Mary J. Wagner is the author of We Walk Among Angels, a compilation of thirty

short stories to inspire the reader to see the gifts of God and learn to call on

His Angels for help in time of need.  On Fire For God relates Mary’s death

death experiences and the help of Angels to rise above all odds.












When not teaching, tutoring, riding her horses in the desert

north of Phoenix, teaching yoga or writing poetry,

Michele Venne is writing and editing her books. Scenes roll in front of her like a movie screen and

she is well-practiced at putting them on the page. Her books include Of Gifts and Goddesses set in historical Ireland,

Of Dolphins and Desires set in Mexicao and California and Of Stars and Secrets and the sequel Of Prophecies and

Promises set on imaginary planets in outer space. She is working on a trilogy set in Montana. She also has two blogs:

one on writing and the other on yoga.



026   Alan Black is another multi genre writer. I am

currently reading his Friendship Stones trilogy about a spunky young lady in the Ozarks in the 1920s. Most of his books are

science fiction and have been noted as #1 bestsellers on Amazon.

  • 020


Kris Tualla‘s romance series set in Norway (“the new Scotland”) are full of history and romance. Kris is member of Romance

Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and the Historical Novel Society. She created Arizona Dreamin’ the first romance-reader

event in Arizona. It will occur May 29 – 31, 2015. Visit the Web Site for more information. Kris is an energetic speaker.


She will be the featured speaker at the Phoenix Writers Club on November 15th, 2014. (You must preregister to

attend the meeting. Guests are always welcome. Cost for lunch is $20.00 per guest.)







008  Bill Lamperes is a former Arizona resident who now lives in Colorado.

Arizona still claims him as one of our own. Bill writes a number of genres with his latest a thoroughly researched novel of the gun Adolf Hitler

used to commit suicide at the end of WWII titled The Artifact. Bill is an amazing story teller and caught my attention quickly with a story that

came out of a news story in Central Arizona. Voices involves the paranormal and describes some of the great old hotels of the state.

How he comes up with the stories is a story in itself. He also writes ans talks about being a writer and what it takes to get the job done.



Dr. Fran Orenstein writes chapter books, ‘tween  and teen novels, adult novels and poetry. Her books are set in

various countries and cover an array of issues for each age group. She grew up in New York and has a long list of

degrees in education and counseling. She published her first poem at age 8 and her first short story in a magazine

at age 12. Her books include Death in D Minor an historical murder/romance novel, One Amber Too Many for kids,

The Calling of the Flute and others.





016 Ethan Russell Erway is the author of the Adventures of Michael

Belmont fantasy series which he describes as a cross between Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. He also writes adult

novellas as The Bleeding Star Chronicles. Ethan and his wife have two sons and live north of Phoenix.


022 Melanie who writes as Anna Questerly is the co-owner of Dog-Eared Pages Used Books in north east Phoenix. Besides promoting local authors, teaching classes, leading book groups she works with children to promote reading and writing. Her books include The Minstrel’s Tales a series of adventures about a wandering minstrel in Fourteenth Century France and England. She also authored Strategic Rewriting in which she shares her tips and tricks to make rewriting and editing fun. It includes a guide for critique groups.


As I make the effort to get involved in the Arizona writing community I am constantly amazed at how many talented people there are. I am thankful for each one who shares their talents, insights and imagination with the rest of the world. This blog is part of my thank you to this amazing community. Please keep your eyes open for local authors, events and bookstores to help promote these poets, writers, authors, artists and all the creatives who live in this wonderful state.










  1. My goodness! What a jam-packed event!

  2. Ethan Erway says:

    Great pictures, Rita! Thanks for posting them. The event was a lot of fun. Perfect weather, too.

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