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Writing Together

I can’t believe it has been almost two months since I wrote on this blog. Traveling took up part of that time. a touch of laziness some more, and just not being “in touch” the rest.

I attended some writer’s talks, and took notes, but I haven’t felt like putting them on here. So we shall see if I have my “writerly” self back.

Friday Night Writes at Dog-Eared Pages Used Bookstore continues to inspire. This past Friday the speakers were author Tia Dani. Now, before you get all up in the air about that sentence; Tia Dani is actually a team of writers. They say they write everything; no sticking to one genre for them. They have been working together for about ten years but had many years of friendship before they put their common pen to paper. Their given names are Chris and Bev.

I am partially through their paranormal book Death Unseen. It is set in Arizona and a great read.

The energy between these two writers was evident the moment I walked in the room. Where one left off the other one quickly stepped in. Which is how they write. Back and forth with the latest file on both of their screens and Skype forming the link.

A few of the suggestions they made for writing as a team were:

*Treat it like a business

*Their friendship is always the priority. If problems arise and become to hard to handle the business can fold. The friendship won’t.

*They keep a chapter-by-chapter log of things that are going on and things that need to be remembered. It’s a timeline, hints, plot, and character descriptions all in one.

Even though I don’t plan on getting a partner the energy from these two was inspiring. (If you want to write hang out with writers.) There was an added bonus: Chris and I quickly realized we are from the some part of Kansas. Matter-of-fact we could be related. I was, of course, anxious to get home and check on this but I haven’t had time to do much digging.


15430058The family home in Fowler, Kansas. My great grandmother on the left. My mother on the right with four of her siblings in between.


I did find my mother’s 1941 yearbook from Fowler, Kansas. And there on the same page is Chris’ father. You can find this on my other blog here.

Is “It’s A Small World” nagging at the back of your mind yet?

When my ancestors came to Kansas they came from Illinois. Her’s came from Indiana. About the time the families settled in those areas some of my family married people with her surname. Some work needs to be done but I won’t be at all surprised if we are cousins.


Here’s an old paper I found from the town of Fowler, Kansas.