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Speaker: Michele Venne

Dog-Eared Pages Used Bookstore put on another helpful Friday Night Writes program.

This week the speaker was Michele Venne: school teacher, tutor, yoga teacher, horse trainer and the author of seven books ranging from poetry to yoga tips to romantic thrillers which are contemporary and futuristic. She is currently editing the second in a trilogy of books set in Montana.

Michele stressed that writers don’t have to write with the goal of publication. We all have reasons we write and it pays to take time to figure our your own reasons for writing. She had us write a few paragraphs from a prompt she gave us and then asked us to think about how we felt and to come up with a couple of sentences on our own reasons for writing. For her, writing is a way to understand herself and humanity and to share that understanding with others.

Understanding why you write will help to bring you focus in your writing and help you get past the slow times often called brick walls.  She suggests writing by hand to make the connection between fine and gross motor skills and creativity.

Keep writing. You have to have something to edit and then to submit. if that is your goal. Use beta readers and editors. She had six readers for one book and they all made different changes.

Things to help you keep writing: someplace different to write, keep a journal, jot ideas on note cards, good nutrition and plenty of sleep and exercise, a full well of ideas and inspiration, daily writing, knowledge, patience and self-care. Networking and spending time with positive people whether they are writers or not is important.

006 Celebrate every step you reach in your goal of becoming a writer. Celebrate a first rough draft, a second draft, a final edit. You can also celebrate a finished poem or just a good day writing.

Michele’s website is http://www.myjoyenterprises.com. You can learn more about her and her books there. The books are also available through Amazon and now at Dog-Eared Pages Bookstore. You can also find her blogs at: michelevenne.wordpress.com and michelevenneyoga.wordpress.com.