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Speaker: Rodney L. Cobb


During the summer months Phoenix Writers Club draws on the vast knowledge of its own members. I spoke in June on research for writers and this month Rodney L. Cobb, artist and writer, spoke on public speaking.

Rodney has worked as an editor, writer, urban planner and land use lawyer. He was an editor for “Land Use Law and Zoning Digest” for 17 years. He has just completed writing a book on the elements of drawing and painting.

Rodney suggested that all writers will eventually need to promote themselves and their books. Public speaking is an important part of promotion.

He said that your experiences in life, although they may seem humdrum to you, are unique and you should cash in on them through your writing.

A speaker should have good eye contact and be engaged with the audience. He should simplify what he is saying and do his best to show instead of just telling.  Don’t take yourself too seriously. Lighten up and share yourself with your audience.

Finally, remind the listeners what your book will do for them and where and how they can find a copy. DSC_0089

Rodney L. Cobb at Phoenix Writers Club, July 2014.



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