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Speaker: Arabella Thorne


Another in the series of speakers at Dog-Eared Pages Bookstore in north Phoenix.

Arabella Thorne is a down-to-earth speaker and writer.  She worked for the Los Angeles Times for 19 years and now lives in the Arizona desert. She has been a photographer and done freelance writing. She also writes fan fiction for The Lord of the Rings. She started with fan faction at the age of 12 with The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

She has two books available which you can learn more about on her website. They are The Elf Lord’s Revenge and a novella; I Swear My Roommate is a Vampire.

To make it from idea to published she says to write all the time and to have deadlines – even if they are “fake.” It is important to finish what you start (something I really need to work on.) She also stresses the importance of keeping your name out there with novellas, short stories and other publishing options.

She loves the history of California and her first book is set in Alta Vista before the Gold Rush. She did a lot of research and then added a bit of fantasy with an elf family.

She suggests writing against the type. That’s one reason she put elves in California. The vampire in her novella isn’t the usual alpha male but based on a favorite teacher she once had.

I got the impression that not only does she write the unusual but her view on life is full of humor and an ingrained wit.

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  1. I totally agree with her regarding deadlines. I make them for myself all the time and it really does help me stay on track. 🙂

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