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Speaker: Bill Lamperes


I’ve fallen behind on introducing you to the speakers I’ve been meeting. These were all at the Friday Night Writes group at Dog-Eared Pages bookstore. These are short, informal meetings full of energy and great information.

First of all is Bill Lamperes who used to live in the Phoenix area but now resides in Colorado. Bill has eight books covering as many genres and sees himself as a storyteller. His website is a joy to read; just as listening to him speak is like a spark to the imagination. 

I could tell right away that I wanted to read something by him and settled on Voices because it is set in the Phoenix area, is a mystery, has ghosts and is about a writer. How much more perfect (for me) can you get? The description is: 

Jack Weston, a writer for Western Trails magazine, wallows in the agony of his wife’s unresolved hit-and-run death.  He attempts to drown his sorrow in alcohol until his editor, Phil Slocum, arrives to pull him back from the abyss. Phil’s intervention saves Jack’s life, but cannot restore the writer’s emotional balance or creative style.

Phil attempts to help Jack deal with his writer’s block by sending him on assignment to record ghost stories from haunted hotels in the southwest. The distraction provides Jack with an opportunity to escape confining memories and focus on his craft.

At every hotel, the unexplained voices of ghosts invade Jack’s dreams and offer clues to find his wife’s killer.  A mysterious hitchhiker appears throughout his travels and urges him to interpret the discordant messages.

Jack overhears a human voice admit running over a woman.  The chilling words send him on a three-state manhunt to find the killer. He connects the voice to a suspect and faces the problem of turning paranormal clues into credible evidence, but how? With the help of a quirky detective and a woman he befriends, the three pursue justice, only to realize their lives are also in danger.

The book met all my expectations and I’m looking forward to reading more.

A couple of the things I noted down during Bill’s talk was to spread out the descriptions of people and places instead of putting them all in one paragraph. Also, when using dialect use just a few words in the beginning and then write normally.

Bill said he will be back in the Valley in the fall and I hope to get to hear him again. PWC (11)






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