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Romance and Crime


Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter Spring Event: Part VI

The next subject was covered by two authors. Pamela Tracy has almost thirty publications to her name including full-length and novella fiction. She writes historical, contemporary and suspense in Christian romance. Marsha Sandoval has been in real estate for 35 years and her first novel is about a real estate agent who starts another “business” to supplement her income during the economic downturn. It is titled Cat House.

Both of these ladies write around the romance; this was a mystery writer’s event. They agreed the mystery is more about who did it, there is a villain and a reason to solve the mystery and it is solved by learning who did it. The black moment is when the protagonist learns the bad guy is worse than he thought and in the end there is justice but not necessarily a happy-ever-after. In romance the culprit is an issue and the plot twist is they fall in love no matter what. They are given nudges together which they fight for whatever reason. The black moment is when they think they are together and happy when something happens to jerk them apart again. The end must be tied up with a neat bow with them happy-ever-after.

Mysteries are more of a spider web with more going on. There can be humor in both and should be used just as it shows up in life.

They suggested the importance of being consistent such as writing p.m. or pm or four o’clock or 4:00.
There must be a story arc and the characters must grow. Use adverbs sparingly (another comment made throughout the day.)

Again, they said to write what you love.


Scottsdale Civic Center Mall by Rita Ackerman, May 2014.

To be continued.




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