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A Private Investigator and an Attorney


Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter Spring Event: Part II

These second part of the crime scene session was a panel with questions from Margaret Morse of Desert Sleuths to Private Investigator Paul Huebl and Attorney Richard Geirloff.

Again the main thing they stressed is that it just isn’t like in the movies. Also laws vary from state-to-state. I hadn’t realized how much.



Paul Huebl talked about the differences in work done by private investigators vs the police. One big difference is the PI doesn’t have to have a search warrant. If he can get in he can use whatever he finds. Paul works in Arizona, California, Illinois and New Jersey. The laws for taping secretly varies in each one.

He commented about being told by someone in Chicago that “execution style” killings aren’t what most of us think. The true term means that the victim was blindfolded and tied to a stake and shot with a volley of bullets instead of kneeling down and shot in the back of the head. As with other things the passage of time and common use seems to have changed this over time but it was interesting to note.

Paul talked a lot about some high-profile cases he has worked on and quite a bit about his background. You can find more on his blog.

Richard Geirloff has worked on many high-profile cases in Arizona. It was interesting to learn that he is “death qualified” which means he is specially licensed to work on death penalty cases. He also talked about the use of “future dangerousness” which is whether or not a person can be tried with reference to whether he is a possible danger. It was a drawn out discussion but very interesting. The best predictor of future menace is from the past but this is not always allowed.

He states that he averages four to seven hours of  prep time for every hour in court.

Although I didn’t take many notes during this session I learned a lot about the views of these men and their place in the community.

To be continued.




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