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Found Poetry

I’ve been in various writing groups and taken numerous workshops where writing a poem was part of the challenge. I’ve never felt comfortable with poetry although I’ve been making myself share some of my past attempts here.

I do have one favorite way of finding poetry inspiration. “Found poetry” is taking a page from a book and circling words or phrases to make a poem.
We recently did this in my writing group. I presented each person with a few pages from an old copy of  Jane Eyre I found at a thrift store.

Here’s the page I had and the resultant poem with only minor changes.

I felt it pass away without regret.scan0003


The door was ajar for a while

She left, in a glance.

The sobbing wind,

A soft excitement.

Its spirit follows, you smile.

A  rosy sky lies at my feet.

I waited for evening

To search deeper.












See how easy that is? One of the ladies in the group, who balks at poetry as much as I used to ended up having so much fun she asked for more pages to take home and try it some more.

Even if you don’t want to “write” a poem this technique will put you in the “writer zone” in nothing flat.

Here’s another:scan0001


The light of a half-moon streamed through the window

I was the only person risen

A journey prepared for. 

 I passed through the door.

The moon set on wet steps

A chill morning.

A light reached the door

But a few minutes.



Another way to use “found poetry” is to white out all the words you don’t want like I did in the following canvas. I submitted this to a book about art journaling and was excited to have it accepted.

Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art by Quinn McDonald


For  those not familiar with art journaling it is the combination of art and journaling in about a million different forms. This particular “page” I did on a canvas with acrylic paint. The dancer was cut from a magazine and painted around with the book page worked in. The hedge on the bottom was also made from painted book pages. You can see some of the words peeking through.

Try keeping a few book pages handy for inspiration.

I’d love to see your poems.





Great Grandma’s Legacy – A Poem

105Great Grandma’s Legacy

Amber glass glistens with memories

Twelve small bowls hugged like the children

Who tasted the fruity delights.

Colors change with spectral hues

Between the scalloped edges, free of chips.

Short stems gingerly washed through the generations

Like small sugary-sweet faces.

Thirteen bowls full of memories

Fit together like a pineapple puzzle

That nobody anticipates.


Written Rita Ackerman for The Call To Write Class, March 2008109

Fine Art Expo – Prompts Galore


March 2014 090

The end of March my husband and I went to the Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is a ten week expo of sculpture, paintings, glass, bronze, and so much more.

It’s hard to choose favorites with all that amazing talent but two artists really stood out for me. The first one Kelby Love does animals. Fantastic animals. I talked to his mother a bit and she says he has a special technique that even experienced painters find amazing when they take his classes.

The next one also does animals among other things.  Dick Mueller is a pencil artist who uses only graphite and colored pencil. I stood and watched him for awhile and he was amazing. I’ve tried working in colored pencil and he makes it look so easy. He said it is if you know what you’re doing. Truly inspiring.

The others that stand out are, of course, my friend and her family Kelly Smith Cassidy and  Richard Smith. I’ve also watched Kelly working in her studio. She’s been working by her father’s side all of her life and it is truly amazing to watch. They do bronze and copper trees that are Amazing.

March 2014 084We walked around and talked to artists and then had a small lunch.


March 2014 089March 2014 088

These photos are from the courtyard. A beautiful Arizona spring day.







March 2014 085There were musicians.March 2014 086And some wannabes.

My husband surprised me by pointing out this wagon would make an interesting writing prompt.March 2014 087

What do you think?