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Speaker: Bill McCune


Bill McCune was the guest speaker at Phoenix Writers Club on February 15.*


Bill McCune came to Arizona in 1951 as a child. He has since served in the state legislature and produced over 80 television documentaries on Arizona issues and history. He was the political editor at Channel 8 for three years.

He calls himself a voracious reader. One of his writing heroes is Carl Sandburg.

McCune says writers have to make words touch and move the reader. They must have a great imagination and have a story worth telling. He believes the easiest thing to write is pure fiction: Just start writing.

Don’t think too much about the first draft. You can do the “spit and polish” later during rewriting.

Eventually you have to stop writing and give it a final “it’s done.”

* Phoenix Writers Club meets the third Saturday of every month at the Bluewater Grill on East Camelback Road in Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting is a luncheon and features a different speaker each month. Visit Phoenix Writers Club to learn more.



  1. What a fantastic program! The Phoenix Writers club sounds like an incredible group.

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