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Poem: Bird Cage Theatre


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The Bird Cage Theatre

 Historic doors, propped open.

An invitation to walk the dusty boards

Once graced by boots and fancy slippers.

 Worn steps lead to private boxes

Where soiled doves once entertained.

Now, only mannequins and specters watch

The on-going show of visitors below.

Weathered faces peer from antiquated frames.

And curiosities hide within glass cases

That reflect past splendors in eerie distortion.

Camera flashes illumine the gallery

And hint at bright lights that once grace the stage.

But they can’t capture the unearthly feel

And powdery gloom of the crumbling hall.

Shadowy figures sway among the draperies

That fall in solemn remembrance,

Of actors caught in love’s revenge.

Spirits move and sing with dusty voices.

Piano keys ring and glasses clink

For those who take the time

To stop and listen.


Rita Ackerman, 2008.



  1. I feel like I’m there – you’ve painted a fantastic multi-sensory picture of this place!

  2. Hi RIta, I would love to visit this theater, especially after reading your description. ~ Dennis

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