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Clanton Days 2011 112


Tumbleweeds dancing across the sun baked earth
Arid winds, circling, picking up dust and brittle grass
A funnel reaching to the sky.

Crows flying slow, searching for water
A bit of shade,
Relief from the searing sun.

Below, a creek bed cracking and curling
A dried up frog, out of place
In the water-less land.

Rita Ackerman, 2002.


Writing Workshop with Patricia Brooks



MIM 002

Yesterday I went out to the  Desert Foothills library in Cave Creek. It is a beautiful place with a beautiful view.

MIM 004


The first Friday of every month they have a speaker on some aspect of writing.

This month was local author, publisher and speaker; Patricia L. Brooks. Patricia is also the founder/president of The Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and plays an active part in most writing events in the Phoenix area.

Patricia’s topic was “Publish Yourself As The Expert.” She focuses on non-fiction but there were many helpful hints for all writers. She believes every one should keep journals. And to do the writing with pen and paper. That sets it in your mind.

The main thing that struck me is the idea of keeping a separate journal for my book. I’m struggling with my rewrite of my first book O.K. Corral Postscript: The Death of Ike Clanton and I’m sure her suggestions will be of great help.

Patricia said to write about where the current project is, the goals, thoughts, and anything else related to the book. She stresses reflecting on why you are the expert that is writing this book, what event started this project and who your audience will be.

Just being with other writers is inspiring but I feel blessed to have so many local writers willing to give of their time to help the rest of us succeed. Patricia also said something that my mentor, Michael M. Hickey, said many times:

Find YOUR Passion. 

You can learn more about the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, Patricia and her upcoming talks at: http://brooksgoldmannpublishing.com.

You can also go to the library web site for information on the writing events.

Happy Writing!



Poem: Bird Cage Theatre

misc 2750

The Bird Cage Theatre

 Historic doors, propped open.

An invitation to walk the dusty boards

Once graced by boots and fancy slippers.

 Worn steps lead to private boxes

Where soiled doves once entertained.

Now, only mannequins and specters watch

The on-going show of visitors below.

Weathered faces peer from antiquated frames.

And curiosities hide within glass cases

That reflect past splendors in eerie distortion.

Camera flashes illumine the gallery

And hint at bright lights that once grace the stage.

But they can’t capture the unearthly feel

And powdery gloom of the crumbling hall.

Shadowy figures sway among the draperies

That fall in solemn remembrance,

Of actors caught in love’s revenge.

Spirits move and sing with dusty voices.

Piano keys ring and glasses clink

For those who take the time

To stop and listen.


Rita Ackerman, 2008.