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The Love of Research


Genealogical/historical search is much more than just finding bits of information for a research paper, book or family tree.

There’s the excitement of the hunt. Playing detective with clues and evidence. The steps are like those followed by your favorite mystery solving character.

Decide on what the question or problem is. (A murder)

Decide where to look for it: Newspapers, old books, local court records, perhaps even visit the area. (Crime scene investigation)

Track down the document and read it through to see if it answers the question. Make copies, transcribe, photograph. (Interview witnesses)

Find what you needed? Record it in the proper place. (Capture the murderer or go back and look for more clues.)archives, clanton etc 033

Do this again and again. (Another murder, another crime.)

Not sounding like fun?

Research is the thrill of the hunt, finding answers and yelling YEEHAW or doing a happy dance. Solving puzzles, using logic, following clues; digging deeper and deeper into the past.

There’s nothing like the smell and feel of old books.

Earp Documents 2 028The heavy feel of old documents even through white gloves used to protect them.

The feel of old ledgers.

Earp Documents 2 063

Playing detective every day of the year.

Meeting new people, many of them distantly related and on the same quest you are.


Recently on Facebook one of the comments asked what would you do if you could make money at it?


I’ve done it for years and often for free. I have my own genealogy back several generations and have helped others.

I will never run out of things to research.


A note from the blogger: The learning process for WordPress has been slow for me. Even with the help of C. B. Wentworth (THANK YOU!) So please bear with funny looking posts and unfinished pages. It’s a work in progress just like each of us.


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  1. There’s nothing like the feel of paper and a book. I’ll never fully buy into the digital age! 🙂

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